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  Are you constantly repairing "Hot Spots" (High Wear
  Areas) on your Asphalt handling, conveying and
  storage systems? Then it is time for KENCO wear parts.
  Manufactured from their proprietary alloys or embedded
  with Tungsten Carbide, KENCO Wear Parts will exceed
  any method you currently use - GUARANTEED.
  AR-400, Hard facing, and so-called super alloys, cannot
  beat the wear life of KENCO . Proven for over 50 years.
  Standard or custom made to your specifications, order
  KENCO parts to solve your toughest wear problems.



  Patented (#6245720) LU-SYN Hi - Performance Grease is
  environmentally safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable,
  yet performs to the highest standards of
  lubrication. A wide temperature range -50F to
  +500F allows you to use LU-SYN in a wide
  range of applications, reducing your need to
  stock different types of specialty lubricants.
  Not a massed produced generic grease, but
  rather a boutique grease, made in small batches,
  to insure the utmost in quality. Try some in your
  most severe and environmentally challenging
  applications. LU-SYN SPECS.

  "95% of all bearing failures are due to inadequate or
  improper lubrication"* Make sure your equipment is
  receiving the proper lubrication at all times with
- Adjustable to maintain positive pressure to your
  bearing surface
- Keeping moisture and contaminates out
- Never takes a day off
- Never gets sick and makes sure your equipment
  is properly lubricated no matter where its located.
- Order ATS ELECTRO LUBER to reduce your
  equipment failures.
- Order your Luber packed with LU-SYN Grease
  for the perfect combination.

   * “UPTIME MAGAZINE” Oct., 2009

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